Effective Speaking 2022 – registration underway




Just like writing and reading, oral communication is an integral part of our daily lives. Acquiring this skill allows us, among other things, to “learn to question ourselves and others in order to inform ourselves or receive feedback on different subjects”.


What is the purpose of speaking well?


Whether it’s for a job interview, negotiating a contract or expressing one’s point of view during a discussion with friends or at a family dinner, no one can escape the fact that in everyday life, they have to convince their interlocutors.


Effective speaking is the art of speaking well, of convincing and persuading through the use of words. To arouse the assent of his audience is essential to the success of a speech. But how do you go about it? How to structure your speech? How to work on your elocution? How to manage your stress? How to occupy the space ? How to make your body speak by mobilizing non-verbal language? Speech is not given, we use it, we tame it, and this, in the hope of making it a communication tool.


The goal of effective speaking


To help build confidence and learn to tame your fears and enhance your voice so that you can confidently face the world ahead.


Are you ready for the challenge?  Register now.


The only way to register is to fill out the registration form by following this link ACC54 and inform your commander.


Provincial competition (virtual): April 23rd

National competition (virtual) : June 4th