Get involved

Volunteers play a critical role in our organization. Across the country, volunteers are involved in providing services that enhance and enrich the lives of our youth in our program. Some do practical work, others participate in the administrative and decision-making levels of the organization.


Complete the volunteer application and bring it to the SSC or upload it on our secured website by clicking here.


Complete the vulnerable sector background check consent form.


1) Sponsoring committee member – local level:
Volunteers in a sponsoring committee work alongside young cadets. They may, based on their interest and availability, get involved in various positions within the squadron. This would include seeking the positions of chairperson, treasurer, secretary, director or member of a work team at the local level.

2) Regional committee member:  
the regional committees are made up of volunteers who provide the framework for the various sponsoring committees in their region. The regional coordinator and his / her team of squadron advisors are responsible for the overall management of the files that affect their region.

3) Board of Directors / Executive Council / Executive Council:  
The members of the Board of Directors – Executive Council and Advisory Councils are volunteers who have demonstrated strong management skills during their local and regional involvement. Based on this experience, they are responsible for all strategic and operational decisions at the provincial level. They ensure a smooth transition between the national , regional and local committees.

*All members are required to comply with the screening process (Police checks, interview, etc.)

**Potential volunteers who wish to occupy positions of trust  (for example those of treasurer or fundraising coordinator) will be subject to credit verification, if deemed necessary.


It is understood that the responsibilities of the League for the civilian volunteers are complementary to those of the personnel of the Ministry of Defence.

The Commanding Officer and his or her support staff are responsible for supervising the training program.

To carry out its responsibilities to cadets, the DND must comply with the findings of the Supreme Court of Canada, which have defined the degree of diligence required by any organization to protect the youth placed under its care. This is the degree of care that a prudent parent would use to protect their child.

As an active partner in this element of the  Air cadet program, it would be reasonable for us to ensure that our registration and selection protocols match those of our military partners.

The military forces are responsible for the registration and selection of volunteer of the Canadian Forces, both regular force and reserve force, as civilian instructors.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to officially recognize the dedication of volunteers who have been able to stimulate interest in the Air Cadet program and the services provided to the League.

The Air Cadet League Provincial Committee is proud to rely on the daily involvement of more than 1,200 volunteers. We want to thank you for your great work in YOUR organization. You are excellent models for our youth who have the opportunity to be near you throughout their tenure with the Air Cadets.