The Provincial Committee is a civilian organization, whose mission is to provide assistance, support and advice to Canada’s Air Cadet program and to be a spokesperson in order to attract the interest of youth aged 12 to 18 toward the field of aviation, to promote physical abilities and to contribute to their development as responsible citizens.



The Air Cadet League of Canada (Québec and Vallée de l’Outaouais) is a provincial committee authorized by the Air Cadet League of Canada. As a result, our organization is inspired by and respects the national principles, rules and orientations.

The mandates of the Provincial Committee are to:

  • Encourage, facilitate and support the establishment of squadrons in its territory;
  • Promote public interest for air cadets;
  • Initiate fundraising activities;
  • Advise and assist the Canadian Forces in the development and improvement of the air cadet training program;
  • Respond to the human ressource needs of the Cadet Instructor Cadre; and
  • Resolve issues related to the implementation of policies and administrative methods.


Respect and Consideration

+ -

Be respectful, courteous, attentive and discrete with  all of the organization’s internal and external stakeholders.


+ -

Collaborate with colleagues, members of the various committee and volunteers to achieve common goals while being aware of the impact of their decisions on others.


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Be engaged  in a humble, transparent, honest and professional manner in a respectful and motivating environment to give our best and foster, rather than fear, change.

Continuous improvement

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Continuously improve services and processes to achieve objectives as efficiently as possible. Provide services and make decisions based on the needs of everyone.


The Air Cadet League is proud of its history, which began in 1941, during the Second World War. Moving from a military role to a civilian role in 1945, the Air Cadet League of Canada has undergone several major changes that have shaped its history and purpose. The primary strength of the Air Cadet organization is its ability to adapt to change and evolve to the rhythm of today’s youth. It is constantly working to improve its structure in order to provide cadets with a program offering high-quality activities.