The Air Cadet Program offers a wide range of educational and interactive activities for youth aged 12 to 18 across Quebec and the Ottawa Valley.

The Air Cadet Program

The Air Cadet Program offers a wide range of educational and interactive activities for youth aged 12 to 18.It has something for everyone, no matter their interests. Over 5,600 cadets make up to more than 94 squadrons across Québec and the Ottawa Valley.

If aviation is your passion, the flying activities are for you, and you may even get your pilot’s licence.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the flight crew survival courses, and live extraordinary experiences.

Fascinated by technology? The aerospace industry and its constant evolution will satisfy your curiosity.

Do you prefer hands on projects? How about building model aircrafts while learning about aviation techniques and technologies.

If you enjoy performing, then the Effective Speaking and music programs may be the best way to explore your creative side.

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the physical education program, the biathlon as well as the Olympic-style precision shooting.

The Air Cadet Program helps youth develop valuable skills and abilities that will help them transition into adulthood, such as:

  • Self-confidence and pride;
  • A sense of responsibilities;
  • Leadership and good citizenship;
  • Teamwork;
  • Physical fitness and healthy lifestyle;
  • Discovering aerospace industry;
  • And much more!

How to become an Air Cadet?


Consult the squadron directory to identify your nearest squadron.

2. Contact

Contact the selected squadron or attend one of the training nights.

3. Registration

Fill out the registration forms and have it signed by your parents or legal guardian.

Education Credits

The Quebec certification system recognizes some local programs of studies in connection with the Air Cadet Program and may grant a maximum of 4 credits. The cadet would need to approach the school direction to have some cadet training recognized as a local program. In Ontario, there is a formal process known as the PLAR challenge, that needs to be followed and that may grant a maximum of 4 credits.

Optional Activities


No need to have musical knowledge or to own a musical instrument to participate in this optional activity. Instruments are loaned to cadets throughout the year.

It is possible to obtain additional training at summer camps where cadets will have the unique chance to work with experts in the field.

Eastern Region Cadet Music Festival – RCSU (Eastern)

You can take an optional qualification exam to obtain a musical level, or participate in competitions at  solo, small ensemble, large ensemble or choreography levels. This is a great opportunity to better oneself.

Provincial Music Competition

The squadrons that qualify in the choreography category during the Music Festival will participate in the final drill and music competitions.


Band and Drill

Many cadets will share unforgettable experiences with their drill team. Physical and mental discipline are essential for the participating cadets to perform as a team. Through practice, members will execute with precision each movement in order to get a perfectly synchronous result.

Each year, preliminary drill competitions take place in three strategic regions: Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal. Then, during the provincial competition, the music joins the drill teams to create an extraordinary event.



The marksmanship program is a challenging and competitive sports program. It develops skills through superior training and Olympic-style competition.

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions at the local, regional, provincial and national levels.

Goals of the Cadet Marksmanship Program:

  • Promote sportsmanship and self-discipline;
  • Build self-esteem and practice focus;
  • Develop high level of marksmanship technical skills;
  • Provide personal challenge and achievement opportunities.

Training is provided and supervised by coaches and qualified officers.

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Biathlon is combination of cross-country skiing (or running) and marksmanship. It requires tremendous endurance and strength endurance and excellent physical condition, but also skill and precision.

Unpredictable elements, such as weather and wind conditions, make this outdoor sport a fun and rewarding challenge in which thousands of cadets participate each year.

Cadets have the opportunity to take part in a series of competitions at the local, regional, provincial and national levels.

Benefits of the Cadet Biathlon Program:

  • Promotes physical fitness;
  • Encourages sportsmanship;
  • Improve marksmanship technical skills
  • Provides personal challenge and achievement opportunities ;
  • Builds self-esteem.

Training is provided by certified biathlon coaches. Training equipment (skis, boots, poles and rifles) can be provided to all cadets participating in the championship series.

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Effective speaking

Being able to communicate well is an essential skill in our current society. Public speaking, in either our professional or personal lives, is a common expectation. The effective speaking competition allows youth to develop a variety of techniques and skills in order to better express themselves in front of a large group.

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions at the local, regional, provincial and national levels.

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