FAQ – Questions and answers

Air Cadet Program

Q. Does my child have to join the Canadian Forces after?

A. Absolutely not, it is not the purpose of the Air Cadet Program. It is a civilian youth program which does not imply an obligation to enlist in the Canadian Forces.

Q. Is it safe for my child?

A. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your child, he or she is in good hands! Whether it is for an adventurous weekend in the wood, for glider or airplane flights, for a cultural visit or simply to enjoy the outdoors, qualified adults are always there to provide supervision and ensure the safety of all. Safety regulations and standards are duly respected at all times.

Q. Can cadets’ activities encroach on school?

A. Evenings or training days, as well as optional activities, do not encroach on the school schedule. On the contrary, it is a good opportunity for youth to develop time management skills and a sense of responsibility. Of course, some cadets may experience school difficulties and an agreement with the squadron may be reached to provide the cadet with a framework and support. We have seen cadets help each others at the school level, having understood the importance of teamwork. In addition, the program offers several activities that can help youth develop skills that will help them in a school setting, the best example being Effective Speaking.

Q. How much does it cost to join the Air Cadet Program?

A. This is a completely free program! Even the uniform is provided free of charge as it is on loan, however the cadet must take care of it. On the other hand, cadetsare expected to participate in the squadron’s fundraisers, which are supervised by the squadron staff. In this way, the program is accessible to all, regardless of the environment from which the cadet comes.