“Volunteerism” is a very big term, words that dance and resonate in the hearts of volunteers who share their experiences and who give their time. You volunteers have chosen to get involved. What a joy to receive this precious help!


You have an important repercussion in the organization and in the realization of the mission of the League. We are fortunate to be able to count on the support, encouragement, time and good humor of you, exceptional volunteers.


Despite your busy agenda, you offer your precious time to the organization and participate in the proper functioning of the Air Cadet League!


We feel privileged to be able to work with such dedicated and extraordinary volunteers and to be able to count you among our team.


Dear volunteers THANK YOU a thousand times! Your involvement is remarkable and always up to our expectations! You are a source of inspiration and exemplary models for the cadets around you!


The 2019 Provincial Volunteer of year awards were presented at the Chairman’s banquet held in September 2019.


The recipients were: Ms. Marie-Christine Lalonde, Vice-Chairperson West, Ms. Martine Méthot, Coordinator Saguenay, Lac St-Jean, Côte Nord and Nord du Québec as well as Mr. Roch Leblanc, Training Administrator and member of the Board of Governors.


Thank you to all the volunteers!!