National Volunteer Week 2023

Thank you…


The theme for the 2023 National Volunteer Week is ‘Volunteering Weaves Us Together’. This theme is extremely appropriate for the Air Cadet League and the cadet program in general.


Many former cadets are now volunteers among us, either as League members or with our military partner. They continue to enjoy the bonds they developed during their cadet careers and maintain close friendships at all levels of the program.


I am proud of the impact of the Air Cadet Program and the hard work of all our volunteers throughout Québec and the Ottawa Valley. 


On behalf of myself and the Provincial Committee, I would like to thank all of our volunteers, wherever they are in Québec and the Ottawa Valley, for their involvement and volunteerism both within the League and in their communities. 


Marie Christine Lalonde 

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Quebec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee