National awards

The Québec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee is proud to present and congratulate all the cadet’s recipient of the different 2019 awards offered by the National level.

The National Air Cadet Scholarship and Awards Committee, which includes members of the National Advisory Council, reviews all applications received by September 30 of the current year. The head of the committee appoints the winners for each award.


AATC-AM (Advanced Aviation Technology Course (AATC) – Airport Operations) Awards


Awarded to the top Cadet and Most Improved Cadet who achieved the highest academic achievement and the cadet who demonstrated the most improvement in the course.


AIR TRANSAT 250 $ – Most Improved Maintenance Aircraft – Cdt Jacob Ferguson, 75 Barrhaven Sqn


Pilot Training Achievement Awards

The purpose of the Pilot Training Achievement Awards is to provide funding for use in continuing a cadet’s flying or gliding training. The awards average $300 in value. Awards will be given to the highest achievers on Transport Canada assessments combined with outstanding performance as an Air Cadet.


BOMBER HARRIS AWARD – FSgt Malachi Ruddy, 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Sqn

99’S CANADIAN AWARD IN AVIATION (In memory of Isabel Peppler) – FSgt Tina Zang, 690 Lakeshore Sqn

99’S CANADIAN AWARD IN AVIATION (In memory of Beryl Scudellari) – WO2 Ayesha Dassanayake, 872 Kanata Sqn

AIR CADET LEAGUE OF CANADA AWARD – WO2 Oihan Cordelier, 564 Blériot Sqn and WO1 Pranav Bhagawatula, 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Sqn

DODO BIRD CLUB AWARD – FSgt Gabriel Gadea 742 National Capital Sqn


Continuation Flying Training Awards

The purpose of the Continuation Flying Training Awards offered by our partners listed below is to provide cadets who have successfully completed the Power Pilot Scholarship Course the opportunity to continue to accumulate flight time. The awards range from $1000 to $2500 each.


AIR LINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION (ALPA) – WO2 Félix Jacques, 894 Charlesbourg Sqn

CAE – Sgt Huy-Manh Yann Pham, 555 Maple Leaf Sqn and Sgt Caroline Drouin, 898 Brossard Sqn

COLLINS AEROSPACE – WO2 Jackson Corbeil, 742 National Capital Sqn

JAZZ AVIATION LP – WO2 Christopher Trinh, 742 National Capital Sqn


Post-Secondary Education Scholarships


DALE SCHOLARSHIP : Robert Gordon Dale, DSO, DFC, CD, and Mrs. Mary Dale, have given exceptional service to Canada in times of both war and peace. This has been especially so in their support of Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Robert Dale served as the National President of the Air Cadet League of Canada in 1972-1973, and as the Honorary President of the Air Cadet League of Canada from 1983 to 2013. 


Awarded to WO Anne-Florence Lambert, 742 National Capital Sqn