COVID-19 : An important message from Brigadier-General Cochrane

Brigadier-General Cochrane, Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers

The safety and welfare of everyone who participates in the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Programs is always MY top priority. As such, I take very seriously the responsibility to protect cadets, JCRs and their supervisors from any real or apparent health or safety concern.

Upon careful review of a number of factors, including the potential for risk of exposure and further transmission of COVID-19, I have rescinded authorization for all international and domestic recreational trips through April 30, 2020.

As a result of the announcement by the World Health Organization, I have also directed additional limitations be placed on Cadet Corps or Squadron Activities.

The cadet and Junior Canadian Ranger program is a safe, fun and secure place for young people to enjoy experiences they can’t get anywhere else, and we want to ensure that we can continue to offer these valuable programs in communities across the country. One very important way you can help us accomplish this is, if you are experiencing symptoms such as cough and fever, please take the time to recover before returning to cadet activities. You will not be penalized, but must notify your cadet corps, squadron or Junior Canadian Ranger Patrol to ensure that your absence is recorded as excused, and we can continue to track, assist and further protect the Cadet program and its participants from further exposure and transmission.

As you know, decisions to cancel, postpone or reschedule activities and events are never taken lightly. I want to re-emphasize that these actions are being taken to protect cadets, their families and staff from the unnecessary risk of exposure and the possibility of quarantine or self-isolation, either overseas or here in Canada. We will endeavor to find opportunities to reschedule core events and activities to ensure we continue to offer unique and challenging opportunities for the youth of the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers programs.

In line with other youth organizations and school boards, we are taking these unprecedented precautions to protect the safety and well-being of all who have dedicated their time and efforts to the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers programs.

We will continue to monitor the actions taken by other like-minded youth organizations, in cooperation with local, provincial and federal health officials, and will adjust our approach as it continues to unfold. Cadet Corps and Squadrons and Junior Canadian Rangers Patrols should consult their chain of command for guidance should there be any changes required to programs or activities.
I am proud of the maturity shown by the Staff, Cadets, and other stakeholders as we navigate this and for continuing to be understanding. We hope that we will be back to our normal rhythm as soon as we can.

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Brigadier-general D.Cochrane, Chief warrant officer W. Crawford