2021 Chairman’s Award

As a member of the Air Cadet Program, we believe it is important to recognize those who are dedicated to their tasks, who are inventive, who possess drive and leadership.  We also want to recognize dedication, effort and ethics. 


The Chairman’s Trophy is awarded to a cadet who, through his/her actions, social involvement and leadership, represents the values of the Air Cadet League. The cadet must be able to share his or her ideas and experiences in the community. He/she can actualize his/her ideas and is able to mobilize others in the implementation of a project.


This years finalists are : WO2 Tina Zhang, 690 Lakeshore squadron, WO1 Anthony Depachtère, 96 Alouettes squadron, WO2 Sophie-Chanel Bourré, 51 Can. Aviation Museum squadron, WO1 Daphné Colombe, 629 Kiwanis-Québec squadron, WO1 Tommy Harvey, 634 Jonquière squadron and  WO2 Julie Brunelle, 784 St-Vincent-de-Paul squadron.​​​​​​​ The interviews of the 6 finalist took place virtually on Sunday October 3rd. Each finalist received a plaque. In addition, for this year, WO1 Tommy Harvey was awarded a prize of $300 for his 2nd place and WO1 Anthony Depachtère received a prize of $200 for his 3rd place.


The Cadet Ambassador was announced on October 17 following the Volunteer Awards Ceremony.


In addition to having her name placed on the Chairman’s Trophy, WO2 Tina Zhang was awarded the honorary title of Cadet Ambassador of the Year 2021-2022, as well as the winner’s plaque and a $500 prize!


To view WO2 Tina Zhang’s speech go to the following link:  Chairman’s Award 2021