Provincial – Awards & Bursaries

Cadets who work real hard and distinguish themselsef should be rewarded. You will find all the information about the 9 provincial awards and bursaries below. The documents and the forms are only avalaible in the member section.

AQTA Award 

The Air Transport Foundation is proud to offer, with the collaboration of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Quebec and Ottawa Valley), a 500$ bursary to the cadet with the best results at the CF 1364 (summer final report). The main goal of this Bursary is to allow cadets to practice his/her flying activities. The Bursary must be used at one of the Flying Training School member of the AQTA.

2013 – Simon Bisson-Roberge

2012 – Maxim Neverov

2011 – Jean-François Desrosiers

2010 – Pamela Simard

2009 – Alexandre Pelland French

2008 – Sébastien Parent

4 Years Service Medal 

The Air Cadet League of Canada has created an award to recognize continuous meritorious cadets service of at least four years. To qualify for this award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four years of honourable service with no serious offence (the cadet could have been in another element during his career). The medal will be recommended by the squadron commander and approved by the chairperson of the sponsoring committee. Former air cadets may also receive this medal under certain conditions.
5 and 6 years Award

For each additional year, the cadet may receive a bar and a rosette. The rosette must be ordered at the same time as the bar, as one is worn on the medal and the other on the ribbon.

The order form for medals, bars and rosettes must be sent to the Provincial Office to the following e-mail address:

You will find the form in the Médaille de service/Service Medal” section of the SharePoint of the League.

Bursary for Cadets Glider Pilots with Passenger Rating 

The Quebec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada is pleased to announce that a $300 bursary will be awarded to cadet glider pilots who obtain their passenger rating as of 2010 through their participation in glider flying site activities.

To qualify for a passenger rating, a cadet must complete a minimum of 10 solo flying hours and meet all standards. These bursaries will be remitted to the squadrons of the qualified cadets.

At the first training night following qualification, the cadet will be presented with his passenger rating badge by his CO and a $300 cheque from the Sponsoring Committee Chairperson. Following this presentation, the Chairperson will forward the claim for reimbursement to the League office.

Chairman’s Award


The Air Cadet Program believes that all of its members (cadets, volunteers, employees and directors) pursue a continual quest for improvement in order to better serve, and to always move forward. As such, we constantly strive to learn from our experiences, to progress and to improve as a result of this, in order to provide better service based on our contributions. Thus our motto: “To Learn, To Serve and To Advance”.

Purpose for the award 

As members of the Air Cadet Program, we believe that it is important to recognize those who are devoted to their tasks, demonstrate initiative, are dynamic and possess leadership qualities. We also wish to encourage and support the ideals of dedication, effort and an ethical sense.

The award 

The Chairman’s Award serves to reward a cadet who by his/her actions, societal involvement and leadership represents the values of the Air Cadet League. The recipient will demonstrate that he/she is capable of sharing his/her ideas and experiences in the community. The winner will have shown the ability to accomplish these ideas and to rally others to implement a project. The recipient will also demonstrate the necessary confidence to be an ambassador of the Air Cadet League in the community and amongst his/her peers.

2015  Wo1 Geneviève Dumais
……..(4 de Maisonneuve)

2014 Wo1 Sarah Michetti
          (867 Vaudreuil-Dorion)……..

2013  Wo2 Rachel Ravazzano
……..(690 Lakeshore)

2012  Wo1 Gabrielle Takaoka
……..(921 Ancienne-Lorette)

2011  F/Sgt Olivier Roy Pelletier
……..(643 St-Hubert)

2010 F/Sgt Émily Hodgson
……..(690 Lakeshore)

2009  Wo2 Jean Vianney Cordeiro
 North Shore Sabre)

2008  F/Sgt Sarah West
……..(51 Canada Aviation Museum)

2007  Wo1 Didier Béchard
……..(710 Ste-Rose)

2006  Wo1 Daniel Carter
……..(742 National Capital)

2005  Wo2 Kathryn Buchan
……..(51 Canada Aviation Museum)

2004  Wo1 Maxime Gauthier
……..(839 Chibougamau)

2003  Wo1 Isabelle Hugues
……..(518 Rosemont)

2002  Wo1 David Lang
……..(690 Lakeshore)

2001  Wo1 Julie Gaudreau Cormier
……..(921 Ancienne Lorette)

2000 Wo1 Julie Marcoux
……..(621 Bombardier)

1999  Wo1 Tamara Bissonnette
……..(921 Ancienne Lorette)

1998  Wo1 Annie Brassard
……..(804 Alma)

1997  Wo1 Marie Fortin
……..(629 Kiwanis Sillery)

1996  Wo2 Sébastien Ménard
……..(867 Île Perrot)

1995  Wo1 Shannon Buist
……..(690 Lakeshore)

1994  Wo1 Marie-Ève Bureau
……..(630 Montmorency)

1993  Wo1 Isabelle Thibault
……..(657 Saguenay)

1992  Wo1 Dominique St-Louis
……..(96 Alouette)

…….. Wo2 Stéphane Bourbeau
……..(901 Val Bélair)

1991   Wo2 Marc A. Boulianne
……..(629 Sillery)

1990  Wo1 Philippe Madgin
……..(832 Twillick)

1989  Wo1 Annie Pageau
……..(830 Pierrefonds)

1988  Wo1 Manon Lauzier
……..(657 Saguenay)

1987  Wo1 Maurice Patenaude
……..(706 Ottawa Snowy Owl)

1986  Wo1 H. Patrocinio
……..(555 Maple Leaf)

1985  Wo1 P. Langlais
……..(67 Sherbrooke)

HCOL André Lord, CD, Trophy

For Monteregie cadets only

338 Wing (South Shore) of the Air Force Association of Canada is please to announce the creation of a new trophy that will be presented, annually, to an Air Cadet, starting in fall 2008. This trophy has been named in memory of Honorary Colonel André Lord CD, who died January 29, 2008. H Col Lord distinguished himself as a Typhoon fighter-bomber pilot Flying Officer and then Lieutenant, during World War II. A member of 438 Squadron, then part of the 2nd Tactical Aviation Group of the Royal Canadian Air Force, he survived 76 strike missions during the last years of the war (1944-45). These strike missions involved low-level attacks on Nazi installations, convoys, trains and troop movements on the continent. At the end of the war, he returned to the civilian life.


Being passionate about aviation, he re-enrolled with the RCAF in the early 50’s as a pilot in the same squadron in which he was during the war. 438 Squadron became part of the Air Force Reserve and is based in St.Hubert, Quebec. Mr. Lord has always been an avid supporter of the Air Cadet Movement.  He has been involved with the Air Cadet League at the local sponsoring committee level, as well as with the provincial committee for many years. In 1993, he was named Honorary Colonel of 438 Squadron in recognition of his involvement with the Canadian Air Force, at 438 Squadron and with the Air Cadets.  It is for these reasons that the AFAC 338 Wing decided to name a trophy in his memory.


The HCol André Lord CD trophy will be presented, annually, to the cadet having achieved the highest score on the glider pilot course at the Eastern Regional Glider School (ERGS) amongst all candidates from Montreal’s South Shore (Montérégie) squadrons. Every fall, the trophy shall be presented to the cadet during a regular training night at the squadron by a representative of 338 Wing.  The squadron will keep the perpetual trophy for the training year and then return it, in the spring, to 338 Wing for the next year’s presentation.  The winning cadet will keep a plaque.

Maj. Michel Cataford, CD,Trophy

The Maj. Michel Cataford, CD, Trophy was created in 2011 by the 338 (South-Shore) Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada and is awarded annually to the Air Cadet candidate who obtains the best marks among all the candidates of the Montérégie Region Squadrons on the Power Pilot Course administered by the Eastern Regional Gliding School.

Michel distinguished himself on the basis of his brilliant military career, his exemplary human qualities, his outstanding dedication to the Air Cadet Movement and the courage he displayed through adversity. Michel is an inspiring example for our young cadets.


Major Michel Cataford, CD

Major Michel Cataford, CD, was born in 1942 in Montreal, Québec. In 1959, Michel joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and studied at the Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean.

In 1962 he received his Radio Officer wings and served with 404 and 405 Maritime Reconnaissance Squadrons as aircrew aboard the Canadair CP-107 Argus Maritime Patrol Aircraft based at RCAF Greenwood, N.S.

In 1970, Michel received his Navigator wings and served with 435 and 436 Transport Squadrons as aircrew aboard the Lockheed CC-130 Hercules Military Transport Aircraft.

From 1982 to 1986, Michel served as Senior Staff Officer Cadets, Eastern Region. Following his retirement from the Canadian Forces, Michel continued to serve the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Movement, a cause dear to his hart. He was very active in the Air Cadet League of Canada. Michel was President of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Quebec and Ottawa Valley) from 1998 to 2000 and National President of the Air Cadet League of Canada from 2007 to 2008. Michel was a founding member of the 338 (South-Shore)Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada.

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Power Familiarization Pilot Upgrade Training Program

Three graduates received a $2500 bursary at the end of course parade at the Eastern Region Gliding School.This prize is for 30 solo flying hours.



– Matthew Chrétien
(775 Thetford Mines)

2 500 bourse

– Alicia Lambert                                                   – Bradley Martire
(706 Ottawa Snowy Owl)                                (211 Ottawa Kiwanis)

Provincial Committee Scholarship 

The Air Cadet League of Canada (Quebec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee), in concert with private sponsors, offers an annual $500.00 post-secondary study bursary, per administrative region, to a cadet who will be studying full-time at the post-secondary level, during the next academic year. These bursaries will be awarded according to the following conditions.

The aims of these bursaries are to:

  • Encourage cadets to pursue their post-secondary education by providing financial assistance; and

  • Recognize overall cadet performance at both the squadron and school levels.

The applicant must complete the required Application Form and submit it to his/her Squadron no later than March 1st.

AQTA Bursary 

The $5,000 AQTA (Association Québécoise du Transport Aérien) bursary is offered annually by the Air Transport Fondation and it is addressed to every pilot with a valid pilot’s license (airplane or helicopter) that wants to pursue his training in order to obtain a commercial pilot license or a specific skill training like, flight instructor, multi-engine rating, instrument flight, high performance aircraft, night flight, or second officer VFR OTT. The training must be at a training facility of a AQTA member.

2014 : Simon Bisson-Roberge                     2013 : Jimmy Morency-Morin