Our mission : Serve the youth!


The Air Cadet League of Quebec and Ottawa Valley oversees more than 5 700 Air Cadets from 12 to 18 years old, in 94 Squadrons.

The Air Cadet League of Canada (Quebec and Ottawa Valley) is a civil organization, whose mission is to help, support and advise the Air Cadet Movement and to act as its general spokesperson in order to stimulate the interest of young cadets, aged 12 to 18 years old, in aviation, to enhance their physical abilities and to contribute to their development as responsible citizens.

Its mission takes concrete form in a mandate which seeks to:

  • Promote, facilitate and support the creation of a squadron within its territory;

  • Promote public interest in the Air Cadets;

  • Initiate fundraising activities and events.

Air Fleet

The Quebec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada owns a fleet of  14 Schweizer gliders, 6 L-19 Bird dog tow planes, 4 winches, 4 trailers and 4 demonstration gliders which are used to enable cadets to benefit from the  Familiarization Flying Programme, and to attain their Glider Wings through the Glider Pilot Scholarship program.

This League fleet is operated by our military partner. Cost of maintenance is shared this way :

  • Routine maintenance is done by the military

  • Major equipment repairs and replacement is the responsibility of the League