Who are the Friends of Air Cadets

A voluntary association of adults who have decided to support the Air Cadet Movement in the Quebec and the Ottawa Valley. Although many are former cadets or members of the Air Cadet League, all are welcome.  Please note that there is a minimal annual fees to cover the administrative workload.

To know more on the Friends of Air Cadets, contact the Responsible for Communications, Mrs. Stephany Duval at communications@cadetsair.ca.

How can you help?

By joining the Friends of the Air Cadets, you publicly acknowledge your support to this Movement.

It is an important declaration for the Air Cadet League, because we are now faced with t many prejudices that influence the politicians and other decisions makers at the provincial, municipal and school board levels.

Your support is a testimony of community involvement.

If you believe that Air Cadets is still a beneficial youth organization that provides unique experiences to our teenagers, without any future military commitment, we urge you to become a Friend of Air Cadets.

Although money and time contributions are always welcome, please join us even if you are not able to contribute – your support can make a difference!

Give our youth the chance to join the best team! 

Member Privileges

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Group Benefits for Your Home Insurance

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Joining Friends of Cadets

To join the Friends of Air Cadets, print the attached form, complete it and return to the League office at :

AIR CADET LEAGUE 205  Séminaire Blvd. South St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada J3B 8E9

Don’t forget to include your annual fees payment.

Our 5,000 young boys and girls thank you for your support.

Friends of Air Cadets Application Form CPQVO-301

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