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What is the Air Cadet Program?

Be a Cadet – Make Friends, accept challenges and go far!



  • If you are 12 or older, become a cadet to make new friends and, with them, share in countless adventures and activities you won’t find anywhere, such as biathlons, marching band, first aid training and wilderness survival.

  • Choose the aviation element and you will have many flights in a glider, plane and helicopter, airport and aeronautic industries visits, as long as learning aviation and aerospace techniques. You could also become a glider pilot or a power pilot if you work hard!

  • The Air Cadet Program is a great wayto keep reaching beyond your limits and always do your best! Through a variety of activities, Cadets will give you the opportunity to meet all kinds of challenges, learn how to work as part of a team, lead and supervise a group, and improve your self-confidence.

  • Summer camp, travels, outdoor adventures, international exchanges, sport activities, group living, friends and unforgettable experiences and memories, are within your reach! What will you do?




Education Credits

Efforts to gain recognition for cadet training through the awarding of high school credits have been ongoing for many years. The Air Cadet League’s Education Committee, in particular, has spearheaded efforts. Consult alo the information on the National Web site.

In Quebec, the Certification of Secondary School Studies policy allows local school authorities to grant up to four graduation credits (out of a total of 54) for locally recognized programmes. These credits are normally granted at Sec. IV and V, and are awarded for successfully completing Air Cadet Levels 4 and 5 squadron training or for the successful completion of specified summer training courses. An article in Cadence (Issue 21, Winter 2006, page 19) describes the Education Credits situation.

Cadet Program can help facilitate application procedures to enter the Conservatoire or other music programs.

How to Become an Air Cadet?

Step 1:

Consult the Squadron Directory to find an air cadet squadron near you. To become a cadet, you must join one of these local squadrons. The squadron directory is divided by region.

Step 2: 

Contact them. For each air cadet squadron listed in the directory, there is information about meeting location, meeting day and time and how to contact the squadron.

Call the squadron if you have questions or show up during one of the training nights to register. Call us if you have difficulties getting in touch with the squadron.

Step 3

Fill-out the registration form that will be provided to you by the squadron personnel, and have it signed by your parents. You will also need a proof of provincial health coverage and legal residency (Canadian or Quebec birth certificate, Citizenship Certificate, etc.). Some squadrons may have local requirements as well, such as a city resident card.